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Okay so they might be frozen marshmallows where I live but Winter is beautiful. Those words to that old song “It’s a Marshmallow World’, go through my head as I go “Walking In This Winter Wonderland”.  Another beautiful song.

I love the way winter glamorizes our surroundings.  Sagging old wire fences, rusted out wagons, farm machinery and twisted tree branches take on a ‘white Christmas’ setting.

img_3849-1Sometimes our storms last for days & through the long nights but my home is warm & inviting.  As I look at the mounds of snow everywhere, I think of the animals in hibernation, how wisely they have prepared for this long season.

img_3850-1From the moment I looked out the window and saw the first few snowflakes tumbling down to earth to the point where billions upon billions landed as soft as thistle down, the Master artist was at work.  He covered a grey, brown sleepy earth and one season graciously made way for the new one.

img_3857img_3856I don’t believe I will ever get past those moments of wanting to go back to my childhood home for one more old fashioned Christmas with our family all together.  I’d love to walk down our ‘Spruce Tree Lane’ in the moonlight on Christmas Eve and listen to the story the wind would be telling through the snowy branches.  Then at the end of the driveway, seeing the house with every light on, while the yard light and moon cast magical shadows everywhere.

img_3844img_6806I vision myself by the window of our rambling two story home & hearing the echoes of familiar voices, music playing, my sisters singing together,  the fire crackling in the background, twinkle lights on the tree while Mom, who never actually sat down, made bottomless pots of coffee & tea & lunches.





We seemed safe from troubles around the world at that time, however our Moms & Grandmas all contributed whatever they could by knitting wool socks, mitts & scarves.  Most of the wool was donated from our neighbor’s sheep and had been prepared in the fall. Quilts, and clothing, baking and personal items were sent as often as possible through our church mission.monday washh photo

nice four generation mabbs

How quickly those years went by when I reminisce about them.  Its as if someone hit the ‘fast forward’ button.

Momhouse in viewdriveway home



Each year I still haul out the old photo albums, many black & white and I’m rewarded with the memories of how much we had, although by today’s standards, we were quite poor.  Now I realize why our Mom loved her photos and kept her cards from year to year.  They were her memories and her blessings of Christmases past.  They continue to be mine.  Just as I remember her Geraniums in our windows all winter, I do the same.  Mom this one’s for you. Bright and flourishing while the weather outside is a near white out.  This too shall pass as it always did for you and my Geraniums will be ready for their spring outing.

img_7139Wishing each one of you a joyous season, hold your loved ones close and keep the memories of the ones you miss closest to your heart.  May Peace, love and faith bring you countless Blessings in 2017.

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Parts of this blog were taken from 101 BLESSINGS

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