I will always remember a beautiful Sunday morning when I drove across the rolling farmlands of Nebraska.  For as far as my eyes could see, the fields were aglow with blooming sunflowers, set against an endless blue sky.  I remember smiling and feeling that I was entering a sanctuary.  All were standing in unity as though worshipping God.

On my passenger side, a display of bright faces, stretching upwards, focused on their life source…the sun.

To my left, the opposite side of the road, the field of more sunflowers continued until they met the skyline.  I was cruising through their midst!  It was then I noticed some with their faces lowered & nearly hidden behind the taller ones in the crowd.

That scenic drive instantly quickened questions about myself.

Which face would I be?  The sunflower standing tall, yet submissive, my trust in my source…the Lord, God’s Son?   Would those I meet hear praises and encouragement from my lips?

How obvious is the joy of my own salvation?

Or…Am I foolish enough to think that if I lower my face I would blend into the crowd to escape the Lord’s ever watchful eye.

King David knew he couldn’t hide anywhere.  He asked this of God:

“Where can I go from Thy presence?  If I ascend to Heaven or make my bed in Sheol, Thou art there.  Even the darkness is not dark to Thee.”  Psalm 139: 7-14

The sunflowers with their faces down will probably survive until harvest but their fruit may not reach its full potential.

As I drove along, I personalized faces.  Family, friends, brothers & sisters in the Lord who had somehow gotten lost in the crowd, including myself at times.  Various hurts, disappointments, dealings, and deaths of loved ones are circumstances that could cause us to turn our face away from our source of life, when it should be the opposite.   Those are times we need to reach for Him even more and allow Him to be our source of comfort.   He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us.

The word tells us to stand in the light of God’s love.  He will cause His light to shine upon us and bring us peace.  What wonderful words of hope.

This is something I do quite often since I drove through that sanctuary.  Whenever I am in a crowd, at the mall, the beach, I look at their faces.  I wonder which one would compare to mine.  Try it sometimes.  Which face in the crowd do you think would resemble your expression.  Do our faces reflect the light of God’s love.  Is our head held high showing that we are walking in full ‘Sonlight’?  I would like to think that I do but I’m sure there are many times when I don’t put my best face forward & my expression isn’t glowing as much as it should.

Last summer, I planted a crowd of sunflowers in my garden along the fence.  Joy filled my heart and I was blessed every time I looked at them.  They took me back to that Sunday morning driving through Nebraska and the way the Lord used those fields of sunflowers as an example that I, a writer and an artist, could easily relate to.  Perhaps it was a refresher on how I should be a reflection of His light and make sure I get some sunlight showing on my face.

I felt peace with those sunflowers in my yard, their bright, bold faces glowing at me from my deck.  I also had a few that were leaning against the fence as a support and I still had hope that they would get their strength back and become full and tall as the others.  The few that were bowed right over and weakened from the harsh winds, I will go and support them until they too, can stand on their own.  They were all beautiful and I wanted everyone to survive.

Imagine!  Just as the Lord knows every hair on our heads, He also knows the number of seeds in each sunflower.

He knows exactly where every face is…in the light…in the dark…in a crowd…anywhere.

Thank you for reading this blog.  Hope you enjoyed it.  And I hope you will think of it and smile the next time you pass a field of sunflowers.

Until next time,

Blessings to you from me,  Memory Lane  me again