first blossomsHELLO SPRING!  Okay, so we aren’t quite at the Apple blossom stage yet, but we have hope that because according to the calendar, March 20th was the 1st day of spring.

A few days ago, it tried very hard to snow again.  The wind howled and little drifts gathered trying their best to show how tough they are. The wind was cold, but the sun’s rays felt warm and showed us glimpses of the promise of the season that is here.

three in a row (2)Flowers

on my


sills are one of my

traditions that I have carried on from my Mom.  She did this every winter because the plants that she had saved by wintering them through, gave her the sense of warmth and brightness that kept her hope alive for our long cold winter to pass.  Then these hardy blossoms could be transported outdoors.  As it has happened, I’ve become my mother in some ways.  This is one of them.  I love coming home and seeing bright blossoms on my window ledges.  They still give me that memory of ‘home’, prairie style.

IMG_3230This picture was on our wall through every season since before I could read.  Mom used to lift me up and teach me the words, one by one.  I had them memorized but really convinced myself that I was reading.  It was my story about home. Our home. It is a humble old picture, but valuable because it was the creed we lived by.  After my parents had passed away, and the farm had been sold, we visited the old ‘home’ one more time.  This picture was still on the wall in the old kitchen.  Today, it is on the wall in mine.Dads housecoat  Rescued and valued for another generation or more.  It was difficult to say goodbye, to close that door, leaving echoes inside.  But in the same way we never want our seasons to end, (well perhaps winter).  But they must.  There is a time needed for all things. For our old home place, it was time.  The seasons had passed.







That home had been mine

since I was a year old.

lorna and me


It was ours for the time

we all needed it.

dads chairThere were so many winters and flowers on the window sills.  For each winter, Spring faithfully followed as Mom taught us to hope for each one to come.  They always did and we rejoiced as if it were the first.

archway trailWINDOW TO THE PAST (2)

times ago







Several years ago, I was at an Aboriginal spring retreat with a client of mine and her young children.  It was a celebration of the Creator’s blessing upon the season.  The joy and freedom on the children’s faces is something I have never forgotten.  That night, in my room, I wrote a poem, which has been published several times.  I have never tired of it and look for opportunities to share it whenever ‘Spring’ rolls around.  Everything has life, joy and hope when you see through the eyes of children.  I sat on the sidelines and listened to an Elder telling the children the story of how Creator knows exactly the time for spring to arrive.

apple blossom time


If you are quiet, and listen close…

To the song of Springtime earth

You will hear the tiny voices…

Springtime is the season of birth!

hidden treasures





Under blankets in the forest,

Souls of grass and seeds wait there.

Now begin their new birth stretching

Feeling Springtime in the air!


Laughing water,                craven water

Down the hillside…

“Wake up! Wake up!”

The waters sing…


“Don’t you know that winter’s over?”

Shouts Creator: “For it is spring!”

Sounds of birds burst forth with chorus…


Bees are buzzing in blossoms bright.

Sharing melodies of Springtime                 

For they know the time is right!

In the meadow, all is humming

From the warmth of daytime sun…

New buds shimmer on the willows

Time to grow now, every one!



Slippers, on the

Prairie, Hear the Songs the

Blossoms Sing.

Happy faces peek through snow drifts…rock on trail

And join in the song of spring!

As the grass wakes from its sleeping,

New life bursting free declare…

Sun is brightly warming meadow…

Birds and Bees rejoicing there!

Den & Soljah's own Sunset (2013_10_24 22_16_48 UTC)





What is stirring  In the forest?

Can you hear their voices meet?


Beautiful bushes craven valley (2)






Seeds that rested late last autumn…

Stretch their way through winter’s sleep.mystery plants

Do you know the song they’re singing?

As Creator wakes the earth…

It’s the song, the song of Springtime

Creator’s miracle of birth!  ***

Yes, springtime holds a lot of sentiment for me, as I’m sure it does for many. We long for it and at the same time, think of the ones who cannot be here to share our joy when the season arrives.  We have to keep our joy, and carry the torch of memories because that is what would make them happiest.

I know there is still snow on my deck and snow drifts against the house but spring is in the air! Days are lengthening!  My back yard is still an ocean of snow and I can’t help but wonder if my Bees that entertained me all summer last by their antics in my Hollyhocks survived. I had noticed late, late fall there were a few tucked inside my faded blossoms and they didn’t seem to move. I covered them with all the leaves and branches into kind of an igloo & left a bowl of honey. I thought after the first snowfall, I heard a couple kind of conversing in slow motion but I am not really sure. I think I was hoping??? I have learned more about them this year and will prepare better for next about how to help our fuzzy babies through the winter months. With help from : others like me who have become aware of how important it is to save the BEES will get the info they need and we can all share in helping their numbers increase once more. I am working on an informative & entertaining book for kids so they can understand and appreciate the importance of Bees. I hope to have it out early this summer. I love the way children are easily enthused about our environment and I believe they will enjoy doing their part for the Bees and  reading about Bella, a hard worker Bee, as she tells all about their jobs in : Bella’s Honey of a Story.

Spring is in the shopping malls!  The plants, seed packs by the thousands, the pots and baskets, the furniture and lawn mowers are ready, so lets all jump in with both feet and say it:

Thanks for reading and I welcome your comments anytime.

Credit & Thanks to Pandanus Tree for several of his great prairie photos!

Until next time, Blessings from Memory Lane, The Bee Cozy Coffee Shop Writer




Hi Everyone,

Well the first amazing days of spring are here. Now we need the weather to catch up. I’m waiting but I must confess…not too patiently.  I am tired of the layers of winter clothing suitable for walking. I am craving my Flip Flops, what can I say?






I look through my photos repeatedly at the warm sunny scenes out on my deck and feel the warm soothing rays shower over me. I almost hear the busy buzzing of the bees flying in and out of my welcome blossoms.



Now I am impatient for that first refreshing spring rain. The one that brings the earth around us back to life. All the leftovers and grubby slush left over from winter will be washed away and replaced by the memorable spring green that actually glows!

As those of you who read my work  or  follow me already know, I love the rain…as in: A nice refreshing, warm summer rain.

But I am not always thrilled at driving through it, especially when we get strong prairie winds and the wipers cannot keep up and it is frightening when buckets of water are hitting the windshield.  As I was coming home on this particular day last spring, there was a super downpour and just as I was thinking of pulling over, it let up.  Just like that!  My first sigh of relief was:  ‘I can see!’  And what was even better was the fact that it was clear to see not only ONE Rainbow,  but TWO!

For a change, this time, on the drive, I didn’t have to wonder if the storm was going to get worse as I drove.  The Rainbow that is always promised after the storm, was my archway ahead and it felt amazingly close so I drove on in confidence.  The worst was over and I enjoyed the Rainbow for quite a distance.

As the pretty little plaque on my wall at home says:


As I arrived back in town the rain was just ending and I drove towards the lake. The Rainbow was everywhere at once!



While I was writing my book of 101 BLESSINGS 2 winters ago and spent last autumn & winter  writing, the sequel, 101 PROMISES, I was learning so much on both of those journeys.  The very things that were around me all the time were the sources for my Blessings, that I wrote about.  It didn’t start out quite that way because I had my book outlined from the list of events & memories that I took from my journals that I’d kept. As I wrote, I continually acknowledged all these events and memories made up my life. And my book of Promises, taught me even more. As I wrote, I realized how many of the Promises in the Bible that I quoted, I had experienced in my own life or in someone that I knew.

What has become my own ‘eye openers’, were the facts that I didn’t specifically write them down as ‘Blessings” in my journals!  There are good things, happy moments, love of family & our traditions, some growing pain choices I made, even grief & disappointments I’d experienced.  Also various mistakes along my own journey in life that I’ve learned from.  These are all the kaleidoscope of Blessings and Promises that make up my life! It was in the second book of Promises, that I got a ‘clear’ picture of how God has always been there and worked in my life, protecting, guiding and correcting me.

As a woman of faith, I wanted to share with my Readers, how that faith works in my own life. Perhaps similar or differently than yours, but that is okay and as it should be.  We are all unique individuals.  For myself, mine has come from daily experiences that have kept me growing.  Heartaches from losing loved ones, changing plans, health, finances, relocating.  Learning patience.  The word: ‘WAIT’.  Not every time was a winner, but these journeys in my walk of life, became my Blessings when I climbed above the hurdles and held on to faith when the visibility wasn’t ‘clear’.

There is something about writing out that story that is within us.  I believe that and now, I can see ‘A CLEAR VIEW’.

That old time favorite song by Jimmy Cliff has the perfect lyrics and I’ve always liked them. For this: they are right on!  I went to my playlist and listened to it over & over, with my spiritual ears tuned in.

It has actually been numbered into the Blessings Book @ 100, and I am sharing part of it here:


‘I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Has


I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone Are The Dark Clouds That Had Me Down….

It’s Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Sunshinin’ Day.














Oh Yes I Can Make It Now, The Pain Is Gone.

All of The Bad Feelings Have Disappeared.






Here Is That Rainbow

I’ve Been Prayin’ For…

It’s Gonna Be A Bright, Bright,

Bright Sunshiny Day!


tall holly


a sip or two






Look  All


There’s Nothing     FullSizeRender.jpggoodbye

But Blue Skies.


Look Straight Ahead…      Nothing But Blue Skies!




Real Bright,


Sunshinin’ Day!’



I was inspired by the loyal friends and loved ones who supported me.  They gave me space as needed and believed with me that my messages of faith were important enough to write.  They wouldn’t let me give up when I had moments of uncertainty.  Thank You, Lord, and thank you, Family, Friends & Readers, for all you have done.

You add numbers daily, to my Blessings.









Until next time, this is Memory Lane,

As The Bee Cozy’s Coffee Shop Writer, wishing you a great week ahead.  And I believe it will be…IT’S SPRING!me again