I realize this is a bit strange for a title, however I couldn’t come up with a clearer way to describe it. I finally took some advice that I frequently give to others.  “Take the day off! You need a break!”

Yes I did need my own advice! I cannot believe how quickly days and weeks slip by. Since I haven’t been at work, I’ve harvested a new crop of material that I will be adding to my blogs for the next while. That has been so rewarding, I forgot to give myself breaks…like going to bed at night.

Spring out here has been taking its sweet time as far as ‘warming it up’ but the days and evenings are wonderfully longer. Chilly? Yes but I am a seasoned weather wise Prairie woman and have grown past ‘dressing with fashion’ therefore, chill & rain or snow does not hinder me. That is how I managed to fit 9 days & nights into 7!!!

I have made the most of it by spending as little time as possible indoors…or asleep! (I’m not recommending this at all for anyone!) It just happens once in awhile that I can manage on very little sleep! It also works the opposite so I take full advantage of both!      

We’ve had plenty of snow flurries and high winds and a few days where it changed from blizzard conditions to warm sunshine within a couple of hours!   That alone felt like two days in one!  I managed to be out in my rain boots splashing through most of the puddles that were able to melt before freezing again and I had to haul out the grippy winter boots once more. As much as I love the changing Prairie weather…(well it’s NEVER boring) I have to remember that it isn’t for everyone.  They don’t all share my exuberance about deliberately going out walking in stormy or rainy conditions if there isn’t a valid reason. That’s what I find fascinating about people… As different as night & day but we can meet up and have hours of chats & find our common ground.







This last week was an eye opener for me! Literally! I called this a 9 day week because for two nights…I never slept at all!  I had too much on my mind, serious decisions to make and upcoming forks in the road!  At 3 A.M. one morning I found myself worrying about my perennial Lilly Garden and hoping it hadn’t perished permanently because of the extra cold winter we’d experienced! Really!  It was time to get a grip.  When I went out at daybreak, they were still snuggly tucked under a deep snowy conforter. Why did I worry about that!!! God is the one in charge of ALL the seasons. Lillys weren’t any of my concern.  Why is it the weird things seem like giant obstacles in the middle of the night?  I even thought about things that happened back when I was eight, or ten years old!






What it finally boiled down to was the fact that I was at a crossroads that had nothing at all to do with my Lilly garden or what name some kid called me when I was ten!  I worried myself into thinking I should have a better writing routine and decided to discipline myself to work this way. I needed to come up with a different plan because I felt my writing time was suffering and I was rapidly becoming an unhappy, camper.  Everything was scrambled in my journals and I was convinced I was running behind a little more each day and I couldn’t figure out what it actually was!  Thoughts of giving up writing began to whirl around in my mind and it scared me.  I didn’t have writer’s block! The words were filling the pages and my mind was on course.  What I didn’t have was the time to polish my drafts but I also didn’t want to miss anything going on around me either or I’d have a shortage of ideas.  I’d lost my balance somewhere.

I had never thought of myself as a creature of habit or that I needed some sort of routine to make my life run smoother.  All my life I’ve fought routines, tried to avoid them like the plague whenever possible.  I promised myself when I retired, I would be able to forget the 9 to 5 day week! I’d be free at last!

Well my motto has also been, when one door shuts, try another…or open a window and catch a different view of things. After the two sleepless nights and worrying myself that there wasn’t time to fit everything I needed to do, I realized the only thing wrong were the expectations I had put on myself.

Although my time is very much my own, I do have to make choices…STILL!  As long as I breathe there will ALWAYS be choices.  I have to discern and prioritize a little more, that’s all. I cannot fit myself into a routine with my writing.

 I have always  found time when there wasn’t any, to type out words that inspired me and gave my writing life.  I like and need my spontaneous way of getting my stories done.  But around the 8th day of last week (my second night of not sleeping) I discovered and actually proved my whole theory about trying to change myself as a writer was wrong!  I know I won’t give it up and I know myself well enough to not settle for half-class work.  When I am not writing…I find myself thinking, wishing I was writing.  This has been my retirement dream and it is within my grasp.  I have proof that I can do it.  And if I stumble, which I have several times … Then I can pull myself up and do it again….And better! But not by routine!



I need to follow my own advice. I will rest when I need to.  I won’t allow myself to think like a ‘quitter’.  I will let my phone go to ‘Auto answer’ (once in awhile) and I will go back to my source of inspiration, which for me is:

‘Beside the still waters that always refreshes and restores my soul.  It is never busy there.  It has the same concept for me in winter. I just cannot sit there as long. That’s where my photos carry me.


My own writing routine has always worked.  I made the mistake of believing I could discipline myself to ‘write on demand’. I thought I would create more that way. That’s when I found myself stuck at the crossroad.

What I needed was my one on one time with my Lord.  That must always come first. He is my Teacher and gives me the inspiration for the words I write. That rarely only comes between the hours of 9 to 5 P.M. In fact most of my best work comes at the most ‘inconvenient moments/hours.  I frequently go back for the solace and comfort I seek for the loved ones recently gone. It is mine whenever I write their names in the sand or leave flowers of spring in the brilliant untouched white snow.

I feel their spirits touch me with undying love at every sunrise I watch.









All the things I hold close to my heart come into my mind and memories overflow from the pages of my mind onto my journals.









With peace and patience and the serenity I find in the sun as it sets, gracefully accepting its own day is over, I walk home, sorting out the pages already drafted in my mind.


My home is also my sanctuary and often filled with happy distractions and I wouldn’t change a minute of that.  Family, friends, gardening, pets, hobbies make up the kaleidoscope of my life which cheerfully blends into my writing. I need this too.  It’s all part of who I am….the reason I write.


I am thankful for the 9 day week because it led me to the


revelation that I didn’t have to factor in a routine, I just have to pick up where I left off with the old one.











AND….Here is my book two: 101 PROMISES..written not by routine, but by inspiration.  It is an easy read that you can open randomly and begin.
The response I continually receive from Book one, 101 BLESSINGS, has been more of a Blessing than I could have predicted.
Thank you for your interest and support.  A special thank you to Robins, my favorite writing nook and to The Bee Cozy for the invitation to be their blogger as  ‘The Coffee Shop Writer’. Your help in promoting my work here in my home town of Gimli,  Manitoba  encourages and inspires me every day! And most of all, thanks to my valuable family, friends & Readers who take time to read my blogs and my books. You are awesome!

101 BLESSINGS & 101 PROMISES are only the beginning for me.  I will be sharing on my blog from time to time and hopefully you will see how easy it is to find your own BLESSINGS and daily PROMISES.  Thanks for reading. I welcome your  comments & will be happy to answer them.

Remember to pray for April showers so that they will bring May flowers….AND lots of happy healthy BEES!

Until next time, Many thanks from Memory Lane