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Hi everyone, Well it’s over a year that has passed since I published my 1st blog titled: WHAT’S IN A NAME?’   It has been the most eventful year of my life as far as new revelations, finally discovering answers to questions, some that I have searched decades for. Lots of happy times and also some of the saddest I’ve ever known. But all in all, I have had to sort it into chapters that began on all of the pages of my mind.  Sometimes the hardest thing we have to do is end a chapter when we aren’t ready for the story to end.

I truly discovered how difficult letting go can be…especially when things are happening in your life and you were always so sure that partners or family members would be there sharing your joys and helping with future plans.


I found myself in the midst of writing a novel & then making a decision to set it aside when I was inspired in another direction completely!  In 4 months I wrote and published my book of : 101 BLESSINGS!  What an experience this new journey has been.  It  has already come back to me several times over.  Not at all in the ways I expected but mostly in teaching me so much about the ones who are reading it and happily sharing it.  Some, understandably were hesitant  by the title while the ones I LEAST expected- have made me feel that it was really worth writing.

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A ‘name’ is just a name but the catch is: ‘Who or what that name is linked with.  The word ‘Blessing’ on the cover of my book, for instance, got me comments like: “Oh, I don’t care for religious books,” or  “I’m surprised you wrote a religious book!”


Once I shared that it wasn’t like that at all, it’s simply a book you could open randomly and read about some of my own experiences…many of which are in my blogs…that I finally recognized as my blessings…..Then…

Everything changed.  Now when I meet up with these same people, it’s:  “Lane , this book is so you, I can hear your voice while I’m reading.” Or the one I love to hear the most is when readers tell me that I wrote it exactly the way I talk.  Because what I truly hoped and prayed for was that I didn’t sound phony.   I am still that person who is far from ‘having ‘ it all together.  The same beach- loving gal who drives along roads looking for rainbows:






















Or can be found walking around taking hundreds of photos:















































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AND…Can be found sitting for an hour at her favorite coffee shop, writing on scratch pads (even on napkins when really desperate), and posting goofy jokes or lovable animals & family stuff on Facebook as always.  Yeah, that’s me!











Even the cat hides….img_3092







*****On the sentimental side of things….

Names are Blessings mainly linked to our loved ones.  This special Rainbow appeared just after a beloved family member was laid to rest on a perfectly clear day as you can see.  The balloons that were set free must have instantly reached Heaven.






Smiles, Laughter, Voices, Loyalty, Respect, Kindness, Generosity, Teasing, Hugs & Handshakes are all names relating to the two family members Ron & Adam whom we have lost this summer.  As I just wrote: It is hard to let go.  Hearing these names brings their memories up close and so personal.  As time passes, those echoes of voices and memories only become richer and dearer.














A name is only a name.  A place is only a place.  It’s the memories attached that make that name special. I gave my young Granddaughter a canvas and this is what she painted on it. A very important NAME to her.






*****A place you’ve been or travelled through or perhaps lived can have all kinds of emotions linked to it.  Some are happy, sad, mixed, bittersweet and we all have things we can name that we WISH we could forget. It is all part of this journey we travel named:  ‘LIFE’.

In those quiet moments when we reflect everything that goes through our minds has a name to it.  Many of them bring a smile, or tear, worry, even dislike & stronger.  Overall, names are so much more than nicknames we hated, bullies that picked on us that we haven’t forgotten since childhood or chores we still can’t stand having to do.  Blessing is a word with such a broad space and meaning that, for me, I attach it to (almost) everything in my day.  The parts that I feel aren’t? Well that’s my problem & I better not waste too much energy dwelling on it.  Here are a few more photos that I will close with.  To me there is such beauty in a blue sky and a sunset and those precious quiet moments.














Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments and appreciate them.

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