SOMEHOW I don’t really think about winter until after Christmas/New Year’s….Then it sinks in.  January has always been an awesome month for me. February & March gave me time to begin planning towards those first signs of spring, just by noticing the days lengthening a little each day.  I truly enjoy planning. It energizes me just to think I might accomplish most of those plans. I’m thrilled that my 2nd book: 101 PROMISES is @ the printer’s and this morning I picked out my cover design…

My plans in that area are coming  

together. Although I am a little behind with my other work & painting,  I haven’t been ‘slacking’ at the keyboard.  I am actually working on Book #3 of my trilogy: 101 FOOTPRINTS.


The 1st of 101 BLESSINGS was mainly an intro and how I received the revelation about all of the blessings that have come my way all through my life and still continue each & every day…Even through times of grief and trials.  I believe that was when I discovered I had more faith than I’d ever thought I had. The main reason was discovered because of the time I took to plan out that book.


If I only wrote about having 100 % faith flowing through my veins, I’d be writing a fictional version of myself.  However, when I began counting up my blessings, as I leafed through my journals I realized I had more than enough for one book.

That was the night I came to the decision of a trilogy and I haven’t stopped yet. Meanwhile some things do stay the same year round. My cats patiently wait by the sink as they do every morning. They are listening for that ‘music to their ears’ sound of the can opener or that regular ‘zip’ from the lid on their favorite breakfast morsels. Then they watch the snow days pass by while they are snug and warm.

The sun rose this morning whether we’ve actually seen it or not and will set as usual tonight.  My computer & cell phone will do their auto date changes.  Everything around home feels the same.  I’m sure many of you Readers, feel the  same as I do.  What is my plan going to be when the season changes.

img_2249I brewed my cup of coffee in my favorite pottery mug with the purple & pink pansies painted on it. No laundry fairy visited through the wee hours so the clothes I tossed into the washer were still there.

For today and probably the next couple of weeks I will walk to the Coffee Shop…Even on the ‘snowy-ist’  of days and share the daily weather reports with fellow coffee drinkers. The traditional greetings will be returned, plus latest dramas, worries and concerns that we all have.  I truly wish that they’ll find their ‘New strength, New Hope, Better Health and New Joy for this coming spring and summer.

These are words we all need to hear often throughout the entire year, not only at the beginning with: Happy New Year!.  Whenever you are reading this blog, it might be the very day you are counting on a certain prayer to be answered or a financial need to be met.  If you have been waiting for that partner of your dreams, I pray that this will be the year you meet that special someone.  For those who have theirs, I pray your love stays strong for one another.  This is one of our life’s greatest blessings.  Now I’ll settle in to write out my latest ideas.

The days are brilliant where I live and ‘Tough Winters R Us’ out here on the Canadian prairie. There is a ‘hush’ by the frozen lake and my imagination soars thinking about it coming back to the time of awakening.  Therefore I choose to look for the spectacular beauty of this season because of its serenity.



When I walk outside (properly dressed of course), and the crisp cold air hits and it can be bitterly cold enough to take your breath away, I feel the same powerful attraction to the ice & snow as I do when walking beside the ocean.  There isn’t anything more dazzling than the sun shining after a 3 or 4 day winter blizzard!


img_6806I cannot ignore the moon glow at night or the streetlamp shining through snow covered trees.  On clear nights the sky is alive with brilliant stars.  Snowflakes the size of marshmallows fall through the night and by morning we awaken to a winter wonderland that is so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine living in a land where it never snows! (Of course that is before I have to go and shovel myself out & get some help).


‘God has made everything for a season’.  This is the time for the earth to rest and replenish itself.  Animals hibernate instinctively and they know exactly when spring will arrive.  As I sit in my favorite chair by the window, wrapped in my comforter, I can visualize them snugged away in their burrows and pre planned sleeping quarters.  My feline friends are quite content with their quiet lives in the winter and even they know they really don’t want to be ‘out there’.


I’m glad that I love winter on the prairie…otherwise it would be very long, cold, boring months.  I remember my Mom checking off each day on our calendar and everyday she said the same thing. “Thank You, Lord, we’re one day closer to spring.”  I also remember we left our tree up until the end of January and by then Dad began to worry about it being a fire hazard but we all still loved the smell of the evergreen tree in our house.


After it went outside it was firmly planted in the snow, close to the house and shreds of silver streamers that clung to it sparkled in the sunlight.  That made letting go of Christmas and all the excitement a little easier for me.img_6140-1IMG_3672

Winters as a kid were my months for snow forts.  Because it would be so cold to play outside for long and I couldn’t stand staying in the house all day, Dad built me a snow Fort…

IMG_3883I mean the ‘real deal’ igloo out of solid blocks of ice.  It was warm enough for me to play in for hours and Mom would bring my lunch out there which I secretly shared with Shep, my dog.  Sometimes Mom & Dad both joined me for afternoon tea.  I felt I had a pretty good life at that time and I was popular because no one else in the neighborhood had an authentic igloo with a real stove made from a 10 gallon tin pail.  It even had a stove pipe that was vented out the top. Imagine!

This is only the beginning of my 101 BLESSINGS that I didn’t even realize I had until I began adding them up on New Year’s Eve, three years ago.  They are the everyday little things I remember that still bring a smile, sometimes a tear because they have become so precious to me at this stage of my life.  My own special BLESSING is that I am writing them as they drift through the pages of my mind and I am able to share them with you.  I was so blessed to have the parents I had and thanks to them, I have all these great childhood memories to pass along to our new generations of family.

Thank you for letting me share these with you today.  I’ll be back soon to share another page or two written from my coffee corner as the Bee Cozy’s Coffee Shop Writer.

Blessings from Memory Lane