Hi there, So glad you found me! Are we getting close to spring? I have my doubts. Sorry readers, but I was born & raised in Manitoba, Canada.  Our prairie seasons don’t usually change in February/March.  I hope to prove myself wrong as I’m writing this but I have a feeling that by the time I have this blog ready to publish …we’ll be hit with one heck of a blizzard! This is only the end of February.

Well I decided that if it is just a pleasant interlude, I am going to make these moments count.  This afternoon, I put on a jacket, grabbed my books & coffee and sat on the deck in freshly wiped chairs…and “Yes” my flip flops!

IMG_5727 (1)


I had shovelled away the snow and visualized my favorite summer scene and let the warmth of the sun on my face….carry me there.








As it happened my predictions were right.  However we did have a nice break with some thaw and the weather held up sunny & clear, although cold, for the ice festival out here on the first March weekend.  IMG_8205

Well I appreciated the glimpse of mother earth for these few days and since I hadn’t put my flip flops away all winter…certainly not doing it now.  They are waiting in second place next to my knee high snow boots.


IMG_8204I still have my love & fascination for winter.  So many memories of happy childhood times….plenty of ‘snow days’ off from school, cross country skiing and Dad tying on my  snowshoes so we could tromp across the field to the bush & our favorite trail.  It was awesome in winter.  Everything was still, yet we noticed tracks & trails everywhere.  When we were done the walk home was filled with anticipation of hot food, a warm fire while Mom pulled warm woolen socks on my tingling feet and cups of steaming hot cocoa.  However, as winter lagged on and on, the first signs of spring were extremely welcomed.IMG_8201IMG_3235  In our minds we pictured the well travelled trail that would soon be alive with new nests of baby animals, the smell of all the wild fruit trees in bloom and many species of our regular birds unite in singing gloriously as they worked.  Today, is no different than it has ever been.  God has ordained the seasons and one still follows the other.  The wind is settling down a bit today and I checked the newly fallen snow that drifted over all the bare spots.   Snow still has it’s beauty as I see it and I never tire of looking at the transformation of familiar things.                                                                                                               IMG_8209                    Snow can make a perfect WAFFLE!  Isn’t that amazing!

Here on the Canadian Prairie, we are used to driving with our hearts in our throats at times,  short hours of daylight & waiting for spring but we absolutely appreciate it all the more after winter has thrown it’s last battle our way.

Blessings and happy March Everyone!  Thank you for checking out my web site as The Bee Cozy’s Coffee Shop Writer.  I welcome your comments and appreciate your time and interest in my work. I promise to try and answer all of them.  Memory Lane

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  1. I have friends in Finland and I have been to stay with them in the different seasons. For someone who rarely sees snow and when it does come it causes so much disruption, I really loved reading your experience of living it for month after month. Happy springtime.

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