This title was a natural for me when I finally had ‘time’ to check on my last blog date. I was truly shocked!  Days and weeks have slipped by and now it has been several months since I last posted.  I hope I haven’t lost everyone!  I value my readers and all the comments.

I have been having a busy but wonderful summer and I hope all my readers have as well.  Please forgive me for being MIA for so long.  I have been filling journals daily beside the lake, my favorite coffee place and just about everywhere I go.  I have lots to post, now I need some quiet ‘time’ to get it all typed.

I have my latest book out: ‘THE FLASHLIGHT JOURNALS’. Book One.

I am working on Book Two, Three & Four, so setting myself free of clock watching  and commitments has really helped my writing career and this week posting my blog is on my top 5 priority list.

One evening at the beginning of summer, while chatting with a friend, we had lost track of the ‘time’ and somehow the coffee shop was closing and we still had so much to talk about.  As I walked home, I realized time isn’t something I have to stick to very often anymore.  I love that about my life.  I still have to abide and respect that others are not all on my casual time table.  However, it was nice to recently meet up with someone who is. I appreciated his reply about finding time to do everything when we first chatted on this subject: “I am retired and on my own ‘time’ clock.  Finally!” He said.  “And I’m a very good boss to myself!”  I got the message and realized what he had said was exactly what I’ve been struggling with.  I made myself feel guilty if I didn’t get everything finished on ‘time’.  I was not being a very good boss to myself at all!

Now the ‘time’ had come.   I also decided to be a better boss to ‘Mwah’.  So what if some chores wait another few days?  They are only goals I set for myself.  Does anyone else notice or hold it against me if I don’t finish?  NO!  I rush around trying to meet deadlines that I have set for myself! “It’s about time I quit doing that,” I said.  So this summer I have been off the clock as much as possible.

I tried not to make any quick commitments but rather leave my path as open as I possibly could.  I enjoyed sitting by the lake an extra hour whenever I felt inspired to do it.  I walked out in almost every summer rain shower and my new boss didn’t mind if my hair curled or frizzed.

I have taken a lot of time off this summer to spend out in my community conversing with people on holidays, local residents, old & new friends, coffee pals and really anyone who came along.  I found that a lot more  people are quite eager to ‘chit chat’, than I ever realized.  I did notice that we all had one topic in common.  That was how quickly the long summer days & nights were passing.  It was as though someone hit the fast forward button on Summer.

I still didn’t take enough ‘time’ for more      photos of the beauty so visible in the reflections after our summer rains.




And I know I missed some glorious sunsets but at least I caught as many of those as I could.


Those were a few of my personal choices about time.  Others are





more difficult for me to grasp.  The memories I hold and the experiences I’ve had.

For instance what about loss and grief?  What do I do when someone says:  “It’s about ‘time’ that you move on.”  Or… “Time to let them rest.”  Another phrase that is very often spoken is this one: “It is ‘time’ to let them go.”  I don’t even know what that means, do you?  They ARE already gone!  Some for a long period of time, others more recent.   But they are not visibly right here. I don’t have that kind of power to hold them back.  None of us do!

So, I wonder what should I be letting go of?  My memories? I certainly hope not because those are the precious gifts they left for me.  That is what I am holding on to.  That is what gives my spirit peace and rest. Time moves on and those memories move along with me.

I cannot seem to grasp the distance of ‘time’ in these areas at times, but while I am writing, the memories old and recent all seem to come together in the same way, once revived from those pages of my mind.

I guess there is comfort that ‘time’ does heal.  It doesn’t bring back those we have lost, but with time we do learn how to go on without them.  As time goes by, the memories are more precious and time will not erase their value.  It becomes the exact opposite.

The time I spent this summer meeting with people and just hangin’ out in the community has been well spent.  Each and every time I made myself available for conversation I was rewarded by having pages and pages to write about later.  Enough to fill my next book: COME SOFTLY, MY SUMMER RAIN, which I plan to complete and publish before Christmas.  Now as summer winds to a close, I will have the ‘time’ I need to organize, edit and refine those pages into the finished product that I will be pleased to publish. 



It is of little use for me to waste my ‘time’ wishing the season wouldn’t change because that is entirely out of my hands.  One of the best things I can do to help God; (because I still have times where I tell myself He needs it,) is to get out of the way and let Him work.  Especially in my own life because He is much more capable for the job than I am.  I proved that many ‘times’ this summer.  I would love to hear your comments on what you think about when someone tells you: “It’s about time!”

Blessings, Readers.  Until next blog which I promisewon’t take me as long to post.  I am going to make sure I take the ‘time’ to turn my journals into what I hope will be interesting subjects.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to all of your comments.  Memory Lane


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