new snowIt is coming up to my favorite sentimental season. Christmas. Although it is different than it used to be, I cherish the memories of those ‘old Christmas past’ even more.
Time doesn’t stand still and it waits for no one so we have to accept what was and even more so…what is.

The snow has quite decided it’s here to stay. It played games this year & tricked us a few times leaving us wondering what we’d wake up to but it was inevitable.  It snowed a triple amount one day  and will remain for the next few months.



This transitional time reminded us that we needed to polish up our driving skills once more.  And as much as we think we are prepared, some of us never are.  There I was using my sleeve of my jacket to clean off my windshield because the trunk hood was frozen while my scraper and brush remained nice and dry inside.  My mitts and scarves were still packed in the bottom of the storage bin where my flip flops should have been.

Other than that, I love getting the traditional tree and decorations out, shopping in the stores playing holiday music and the beauty of everything around me covered in white.


It’s that time of year again where we begin to reflect on the year that is mostly behind us.  The time we begin planning the one ahead.  Everything is in a transition stage, the weather, our thoughts, our bodies physically adjusting to the extreme changes of temperature.  We become acutely aware of what or who has come into our lives and especially those who have departed.

Some things we have the power to change, while others we have to surrender to God’s capable care.

img_4976My beautiful sister: Eve

“In the morning, Lord, You whispered her name…

In the morning, Lord, softly You came.”

You loved Christmas and this year we will love it with you in spirit. All your family & dear friends have wonderful memories of the ways you made it a little more special and how you could be found somewhere in the house wrapping til’ the very last minute.


faithIMG_2534My HOPE for everyone of my readers is for a wonderful time with those who mean so much.  I pray that LOVE will be the center of your home as you celebrate the season.  May your FAITH grow and increase throughout 2017.

I am quoting Martin Luther King: ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase…just take the first step in FAITH’.

Blessings to all of you from Memory Lane

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